SDA Japan Conference Archives

Orphanage Conference Activity Summary

date : November 2004 to February 2005

Japan conference irregular activities will be presented as dated chronological archives.  NSD knows that Japan Conference leaders were incompetent and had severe lack of communication and trust with church members.  Please pray for Japan so that SDA mission will be resuscitated.  Ultra liberal leaders has desolated our mission field.


Unwelcome meeting 

November 9, 2004

 Emmergency Conference Board Meeting was held at Amanuma church gathering 250 delegates from all over Japan.  The agenda was issue of sudden termination of Conference president.  Pastor Kinjo was the previous president of Japan Conference who was kicked out of the office by intrainstitutional conflict.  Although it was a formal church conference, formal proceedings did not exist.  At leaset Japan Conference refused to show the proceedings to church members.  It is against Japanese law not to present proceedings of a formal meeting.





Virus sent to church members! 

November 15, 2004

Some of Conference officers are suspected to send computer virus to church members who do not agree their opinion.

“Recently there were increasing number of VIRU/spam infested mails using names of church pastors or conference board members.  It was unacceptable.  If you receive virus or spam letters using alleged SDA pastors name or using domain of ‘’ or ‘’ please report the incidence to my secure mail address. 


This mail account is fully loaded with all kind of antivirus devices.  So please feel safe in sending report or feed back messages to my working mail account.  Anyone who dare to inflict the mail server by sending virus will be maximally punished.”




Open Question to (SDA)College President

November 22, 2004

   Dear Mr. Takahashi

   I heard you have taught seminary student that it is not required to read Elen G White writings for either church members

   or bible teachers.     Please tell us if we were misinformed or not.  I realized some of younger pastors trained in

   San-Iku Gakuin have no interest in teaching about White’s work.  Is that what you have taught them?


   The best regard,





Unclear Conference Bussiness

November 28, 2004

Japan Conference was forced to sell out old JMC campus in 1974 by President Kunihira.  He sold it to avoid smog but It was sold to a petroleum company.  Real motivation of him has remained uncertain.  Now, JC determined to buy back the same property without secured buget.  Reacquisition plan was unclear from the beginning.  JMC college president Gibun Takahashi formally announced that JMC will obtain 4 year college accreditation without moving back to the old campus.  Nevertheless, ex-Conference President Takashi Shiraishi insisted to purchase back the property which Kunihira forced to sell thirty years ago because "It has been a dream of our church".  Price tag of the dream land was 150 million yen.  Shiraishi asked Takahashi to lend money form JMC because JC did not have sufficient fund in their saving account.  (Later, Shiraishi said “I do not remember I promised.”)



Tokyo Sanitarium Hospital has dirty deal

December 11, 2004

Japan conference pushed Tokyo Sanitarium Hospital to secede from church to become an independent corporation.  In order to make the hospital eligible for a corporation, JC and hospital representative demanded the church to transfer 8 billion yens worth fund and property to the hospital.  Such action, if indeed done, will make the Japanese mission difficult to continue, as JC has already significant difficulty to pay salary for pastors (that’s why number of Japanese pastors has significantly diminished in past 15 years).  It was criticized as self-destructing action therefore.


Deteriorated Church in Christmas

December 26, 2004

A church member complained of unbiblical teachings in SDA church in Christmas Party.  In one Christmas party open to public was lead by SDA church, the pastor said, “Please look at the Christmas tree.  How many colors do you see?  Red, green and gold.  Red is Jesus, Green means eternity, and gold represents hope.”  Church members were embarrassed as the credibility of SDA theology was severly questioned by his statement.


Rebellion in TSH

January 1, 2005

JC secretaries abruptly visited Tokyo Amanuma Church.  They did not inform their decision to transfer 4 billion yens of money out of the church to the hospital to make an independent health corporation.  They came to explain their already-made decision to the church member as a done deal.  The church members were not allowed to say opinion.  Church members opinions were all ignored.  However, Shiraishi reported to GC and NSD that their plan was agreed with church members.  It was lie of course.  On this day, JC secretary promised to have town meeting on January 8, 2005



JC cancelled town meeting

January 8, 2005

Japan Conference abruptly cancel the appointment of town meeting in which JC leaders were supposed to have Q and A session to clarify the issues and concerns of the hospital secession plan and unclear fund transfer.



Conflict of Interest

January 10, 2005

It was reported that Kazuhiko Hongo, M.D., the chief of staff of Tokyo Sanitarium Hospital, was also assigned to the “first elder” in Tokyo Amanuma SDA Church that interest conflicted with the hospital as the hospital demanded the church to give way its property and human resource to the hospital.  As you know the church members have been uninformed of any substantial information regarding plan of unilateral transfer of church financial resource to TSH.  So this is not only negligence of the duty of church elder but also “Conflict of Interest” and breach of trust.  It was unethical that Hongo influence the decision of Amanuma Church board member as a prime elder.  It should be prosecuted.


JC was intimidated by church members

January 18, 2005

JC failed to persuade to accept their done deal plan and needed extra schedule town meeting.  Apparently JC were reluctant to tell members truth.  Church said JC secretary was so arrogant that he did not listen to us. 



Bank refused to loan to San-Iku Gakuin College

January 25, 2005

Japan Missionary College (San-Iku Gakuin college)  tried to pay 150 million yens to purchase back the old campus with bank loan because the property had severely devalued for 10 years and the previous owner wanted to get rid of it.  No bank would loan money for backwardation property.

It is apalling that a chuch leaders in Japan SDA Conference teach church members that Catholic is not a church of beasts and Japanese are more suitable to be called God's people over than Israelites, Koreans, and Americans, and insist nationalistic superiority. He even enforce church member to pay respect to Yasukuni Shinto shurine.  None of their statements were validated by Bible. Japanese SDA church leaders are so infested with non-biblical patronistic fantasy to distort the Bible truth. They are also strong racist contempitng Chinese and Korean. Please help us to correct our conference!


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